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I AM a natural Speaker born to Serve and Support clients Unleash their Full Potential!

There is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling in life than you embracing your truth and living your full potential.

My focus as a Family Nurse Practitioner working with patients for 15+ years is to promote comprehensive approach to healthcare by emphasizing wellness,  prevention, and patient awareness. Having lived a blessed life with its many

ups and downs my mission is to create a joyful world one client at a time.


Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 15+ years of experience serving patients in urgent care, obesity, functional and lifestyle medicine.


I received my Bachelors of Science from Elmhurst University double majoring in Nursing/Psychology and went on to complete Masters of Science from University of Illinois at Chicago with a double major in Family Nurse Practitioner/Public Health Nursing.


I have worked with hundreds of patients after graduating in 2003 as a family nurse practitioner with wellness and disease prevention as my primary focus.  My life purpose is promoting therapeutic lifestyle changes and helping my patients live their best life.


Talk Title-

Power of One:

Unleash Your Full Potential

This talk focuses on empowering people to live their best life by connecting with the creator within them. In our hectic lives we are busy with achieving success in the outward world.  But success seems to come at the cost of sacrificing our health, family relationships and leaves an emptiness in our soul.


We can have it all if we lay the right balanced foundation for our lives. With personal and professional stories of my life I share three important lessons on how to find happiness and health in one’s life.


Talk Title-

Pain of Obesity:

Healing with integrative medicine

Obesity is an epidemic in our country.  Three out of four Americans are overweight including obese. The focus of the talk is to discuss this preventable chronic disease by addressing the physical, psychological and spiritual pain that patients suffer. Having worked over 10 years in obesity medicine my goal is to lay out a basic game plan to treat this disease with an integrative functional root cause approach.  

With personal and professional stories I hope to inspire people to take five action steps to heal their health and achieve well-being.



“Betsy Jacob is an amazing nurse practitioner who cared for me with personalized medicine.  I have always been at ease and able to talk with her about the stresses in my life and my issues surrounding food. Before I started working with Betsy Jacob I was in a cycle of weight gain, weight loss and shaming myself every time I stepped on the scale. She taught me strategies and gave me tools how not to shame myself but rather to love myself through this journey back to health and wellness. She showed me grace and compassion when I needed it the most.

With Betsy's help, I figured out food was not the enemy, my negative self-talk was my biggest road block standing in the way of reaching my weight goals. Having her walk alongside me was like being with a trusted family member.  She helped me lose over 100 lbs and to top if off gave me confidence to became a health coach and pay it forward.”

 Tristi M, Weight Loss Client

"Betsy Jacob, NP, is a wonderful asset to anyone needing help with changing their diet or trying to lose weight.  She is very knowledgeable, friendly, always positive, encouraging and does a very good job explaining things to patients on an individual or group basis.  She is an excellent speaker in front of groups, bringing a high level of energy and vitality to any gathering.  I highly recommend her services."

Dr. William Epperly, MD, FAAFP, FAAOA

"I have known and worked with Betsy Jacob, NP, for the past few years. She is a highly skilled and dedicated health professional who consistently prioritizes the health and well-being of her patients.  Her specialty encompasses, as you may know, clinical expertise to diagnose, manage and treat chronic diseases and other disease states.  What sets her apart is her expertise in helping overweight patients lose weight and create a healthier life.  She is also a superb speaker who is able to draw her audience in because of her passion, expertise and polished public speaking skills.  I highly recommend her as a clinician, educator and speaker."

Dr. Mark Nelson, MD, FACC, MPH


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